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Mar 29, 2016

So you want to be more productive, huh? I think I have just the guy for you. Each day, Craig Ballantyne gets things done—a lot of things. And he helps others do the same. In fact, he literally wrote the book on being productive in The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.

Today, I talk with Craig about the inspiring trajectory of his career from personal trainer, to writer and online fitness consultant, to his current role as editor of the hugely successful online newsletter Early to Rise. Craig also finds time to provide business- and life-coaching to entrepreneurs around the country, and today you’ll get great tips from him on simple, actionable ways to make the most of each day!

In this episode, you will . . .

  • Hear why Craig says to “look at yourself as a high-performance machine”
  • Find out how having rules facilitates self-improvement—and get practical examples you can personalize!
  • Discover how Craig adds value to people’s lives, especially the people he’d like to know better
  • Learn how to go about finding a mentor—and why it’s so important to have one
  • Get great ideas for morning rituals that can lead to lasting improvements in your life
  • Discover what Craig calls one of his “greatest energy boosters”

Understand the value of giving to others rather than asking from others


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Early to Rise

The Perfect Day Formula (Book) (Kit)

Mar 22, 2016

In business, you have to always be alert and adaptable. You need to evolve; to be willing to be agile and change your game plan every now and again. If you don’t, your competitors will; and they will put you out of business. In today’s episode, Bill Rancic shares strategies to help you adapt and make your business stand out from the rest.  He talks to us about how he got on Donald Trump’s reality TV competition, The Apprentice; how he won that competition; and how he used the experience in his own business! Bill handled 13 different businesses while in the competition!

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to get ahead of your competition
  • Find out the importance of having a “good strategy”
  • Find out what made Bill stand out among his competitors and enabled him to win The Apprentice competition
  • Discover that setting little goals and reaching them is still a progress
  • Be inspired to never give up

[Tweet "“Always do what you are afraid to do and you will find success.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson"]


Episode Resources

Ed O'Keefe Show

Mar 4, 2016

Today I’m bringing to you the first 20 minutes of my Business Explosion Health Intensive. That’s right! The $7,000 weekend where business owners flew from all over the world to learn how I grew my business from zero to many millions in a very, very rapid phase.

I dove right in explained some real insights as to why I got into my business. By going behind the scenes you will get to discover the difference between truth and fiction. Live events I feel are where I’m most entertaining, most enjoyable to be around because you just can’t get the energy through just doing virtual training, face-to-face is just so much more effective!

So in this training you’re going to hear some of the stories that I don’t tell over webinars or other trainings. You’ll get to hear a little bit about my learning strategies and why having certain mental models is very, very important when endeavoring out to a new journey, whether it’s a new business, a new career or whatever it might be for you. There are certain things you will hit if you are trying to improve or get better at something. So I hope you enjoy this 21 minutes of power! Let me know what you think and make it an awesome day!

Selected Links from the Episode:
15:15 – Mastery: A Technology for Excellence and Personal Evolution by Tim Piering
19:58 – Winning Through Intimidation by Robert J. Ringer

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:25 – Teaser
00:25 – 02:55 – Introduction
02:55 – 08:34 Mindset sharing
08:34 – 14:32 What drove Ed to teach and Business Grinding
14:32 – 16:32 “It’s the driver, not the vehicle” example
16:32 – 18:20 Overwhelmed/Confusion/Frustration Phase
18:20 – 19:23 Mileage
19:23 – 21:15 Principle we can apply to anything
>19:26- 19:52 Sequential Linear Thinking
>19:52 – 21:15 Leapfrogging
21:16 – 24:11 Sponsors