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Feb 29, 2016

In this episode you are going to get to see behind the scenes of one of my close door masterminds where I teach a concept called "losing the friction". Losing the friction comes from accelerated results and the idea of making awesomeness happen in your life right now rather than waiting many, many years.

So in this episode we talk about the first component of it and why it is the bedrock of the rest of the components.  You’ve probably heard a little bit of it before but hopefully you’ll see why it’s slightly different and/or it’s still vital.

The second side of it, you’ll get to hear a little bit about what I do to lose friction in this exact concept. Number two is the misalignment and misalignment of core values purpose with actions and is something that I see with high performing people. These are not in the air like non-tangible things. So go through this, check it out, let me know what you think!

Show Notes:
00:00 - 00:16 Teaser
00:17 - 02:51 Introduction
02:52 - 04:00 Identifying and removing the frictions points
04:01 - 06:25 Taking and Increasing your responsibility on where you can excel
06:26 - 09:03 Sponsor


Feb 23, 2016

Brian Kurtz: The Lost Art of Using Direct Mail & The Internet To Scale Any Business

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Ed O’Keefe Show. On this episode I have a very special guest Mr. Brian Kurtz.

Brian was the Executive VP at a one of the most renowned direct response marketing and publishing businesses of all time, Boardroom Inc. For 33 years he was the right hand, where he went from list management to the direct response side, to managing copywriters to running it for many years. Now before you wonder if this is for you or not, let me just tell you when I went into this interview my number one goal was to listen to how Brian and Boardroom went from a company from zero to doing hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and mailing as Brian says in the interview close to 2 Billion direct mail pieces of all time.

One of the secrets that I’ve discovered in our business is that everything’s about the list meaning who are you communicating with, and then how you reach them. So in this episode we discuss how to scale the business, any business, from a mathematical perspective and it’s not going be the same math you think you’ve already heard before. So dive in, enjoy, share it, let me know what you think!

Selected Links from the Episode:
51:00 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail by Richard V. Benson

Show Notes:
00:00 - 00:30 Teaser
00:30 - 3:19  Introduction
3:19 - 11:43 Work history and present time focus
11:43 - 17:01 Optimization team in converting traffic
17:01- 18:01 Tracking by metrics (lifetime value of original source and renewal rates at different time periods)
18:01 - 23:39 Concept of how to promote and how to respond
23:39 - 1:09:00 Q/A How far are you willing to be negative?
>28:03 - 51:59 Value ladder
>> 29:28 - 33:19 Contact strategy
>> 33:19 - 51:29 Regression offering
>51:29 - 1:03:40 Q/A How many of the secrets are still true?
>1:03:40 - 1:09:00 Q/A What are you studying and why?
1:09:00 - 1:15:47 - How to contact
1:15:47 - 1:18:03 Closing remarks
1:18:03 - 1:21:02 Sponsor

People Mentioned:
1:04:27 Ryan Deiss
1:04:51 Jeff Walker
1:06:43 Stu Mclaren
1:06:50 Robert Scrob

Feb 16, 2016

Gary was a gentleman who I hired through the organization called Vital Factors. He was my mentor and coach on operations and scaling for about a year and a half as I was growing my dental marketing consulting business. He was the one who came in and really showed me how to get fact-based management style.

People love Gary’s stories and I’ll tell you, any business that grows beyond the one-person operator, even though I could argue that even if you are a one-person operator, you need to know these numbers. You need to know how to focus on what’s really important. And that’s why we call it Vital Factors!

Please remember to share this episode with those who could benefit from it!

Selected Links from the Episode:
20:21 – Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business- And Your Life by Lee Froschheiser
21:47 – Finding Your Way: A Guide to Discovering God’s Best for Your Life by Gary LaFerla
39:58 – Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:18 Teaser
03:00 – 01:10 Introduction
04:32 – 03:30 Vital Factors
06:12 – 07:23 Story about Larry
10:05 – 14:20 Personal and business dreams
14:20 – 26:38 Maturity, discipline and the Vital Factors
29:20 – 32:29 Talking about Kathryn Leigh from Vital Factors Book
35:11 – 33:11 Delegate and focus your time
35:53 – 51:15 Vital Factors
53:57 – 57:56  The benefits of the Vital Factor team process/business examples
01:00:38 – 1:03:25  Goals and controls and coaching your team for success
01:06:07 – 01:04:27 Steve Campbell success
01:07:09 – 01:08:06  Coaching your team
01:10:48 – 01:13:46  Closing story
01:13:46 – 01:15:25  MarineD3 Sponsor
01:15:25 – 01:16:28  Dormant Forces Sponsor

People Mentioned:
02:12 – Michael Gerber
03:28 – Los Angeles Times
03:29 – New York Times
12:24 – Kirk Douglas
12:25 – Dean Martin
12:26 – Tony Curtis
12:32 – Deborah Reynolds
12:52 – Rock Hudson
13:19 – Ludwig
20:56 – TNT
22:59 – Cort Furniture
23:01 – Hawthorne Caterpillar
23:03 – Cold Stone Creamery
23:08 – Los Angeles Clippers
23:12 – WebEx
23:45 – Vilfredo Pareto
54:16 – Doug Ducey
54:22 – Procter and Gamble
01:04:32 – Ed O’Keefe