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Oct 19, 2015

Roland Frasier started out selling real estate when he was 18 and gradually moved into doing syndications of real estate and business investments. Roland held real estate, insurance and securities licenses and did leveraged buyouts with Prudential Securities while he was in college and law school.

After law school, Mr. Frasier started his own law practice and grew it to one of the top firms in San Diego providing services to entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing and entertainment industry clients. While there Frasier acted as Managing Partner and conducted all the marketing and advertising campaigns, generating clients through copywriting, speaking, networking and forming joint ventures.

During that time Roland began joint venturing deals with clients and gradually evolved from practicing law to buying and selling companies, repositioning businesses and direct response marketing (including copywriting for his own direct mail company, infomercials and other projects).

Over Roland's career He has completed infomercial deals with Guthy-Renker and K-Tel Direct, publishing deals with Simon & Schuster and Random House, negotiated shows with major hotels on the Las Vegas strip, been involved in over 100 private and public offerings, run international hedge funds, advised major brands on a variety of business and legal related issues (from PepsiCo to MacDonald's), worked with copywriting great Gary Halbert, created presentations and marketing campaigns for major brands and much more.

Roland Frasier has a real passion for business and putting deals together and is always on the lookout for businesses to buy, reposition and sell.


Show Notes:

0:26 - 1:25 Introduction

1:25 - 2:06 Background on Roland Frasier

4:25 - 5:15 Tying Opportunities together

5:15 - 6:43 Money

6:43 - 8:37 Relationship with Father and Language of Business

8:37 - 10:29 Money Definition

10:29 - 12:06 Uniqueness in working with Guthy Renker

12:06 - 15:41 High level thinkers

15:41 - 17:41 System for accumulating information

17:41- 23:55 Phase of Confusion

23:55 - 26:37 Learning how to Think

26:37 - 31:09 Looking at the Scale

31:09 - 33:06 Business Relationship

33:06 - 36:49 Negotiation style

36:49 - 39:17 Balancing Transparency

39:17 - 42:55 Creating value

42:55 - 44:39 Spotting Opportunities

44:39 - 44:53 Talking about book working on

44:53 - 46:33 How to contact Roland Frasier

Oct 15, 2015
Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Do you have trouble developing the best strategy to grow & scale your business? Are you having issues building your dream team? Do you have a tough time getting the numbers to make timely business decisions? 
Vince Fisher has have more than 10 years of experience growing businesses to 7 and 8 figures. His companies have generated approximately $300 million in gross revenue for my own businesses, and have had more than 1000 team members in my employment. Vince has great understanding of how putting the proper strategy, the best team, and the right processes & procedures into place allows you to scale your business with purpose.

0:33-2:25 Introduction

2:25-4:12 Vinnie Fisher Background

4:12-12:48 Business History

12:48-15:48 "Success Trap"

15:48-22:36   Transition and Mental Approach

22:36-26:05   Vision/Goal of Business

26:05-31:13   Current focus - Fully Accountable

31:13-32:38   The book discussion: The Best Investment A Better You

32:38-40:18 Best approach when starting out

40:18-44:41 Metrics

44:41-47:41 Home Values

47:41-50:38 Foundation of relationship

50:38-52:26   Seminars/training for Entrepreneur

52:26 Closing advice
Oct 12, 2015

Com Mirza is a multi millionaire serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and investor. With operations and offices in 7 countries, a portfolio of 26 companies, millions customers and a growing staff of hundreds of employees globally.  He currently lives in a multimillion dollar apartment in the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building in downtown Dubai, and is driven to give back via technology, entrepreneurship, education and personal development.

In the beginning of 2012 Com Mirza promised his billionaire mentor he would focus more of his life on contribution, value, education, philanthropy, charity and giving back. He committed to spending a portion of his time every month to help others reach the metalevel and multi millionaire level. Through small and medium size intense masterminds, workshops, seminars and trainings Com Mirza has managed to help over 40+ people become millionaires, and over 300+ people become hundred thousandaires. He’s on a mission to help over 100 people build a net worth of over 1 million dollars.

0:16-1:09 Introduction

1:09-1:48 1st business experience

1:48-2:01 Started 8th company

2:01-3:38 Failure and mindset correlation

3:38-9:52 New beginning/business

9:52-12:33 Turning point

12:33-13:37 Mindset

13:37-15:11 Belief system

15:11-21:15 Abundance

21:15-24:39 Creating a thought/meditation

24:39-29:02 Legacy

29:02-29:29 Break

29:29-33:31 Strategy: investment

33:31-40:19 Younger self advice/ interaction strategy

40:19-41:22 Strategy

Oct 7, 2015

If you have been around success, motivation, NLP, and/or his latest book: “Mastering the Game Of Money!”, then you know who Tony Robbins is. Years ago, I attended his Fire walk experience at Unleash the Power Within, and attended a few of his Robbins Mastery events.

Attending his first event was definitely the catalyst that drove me to get training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis. (I write about this in my Chapter 4: My Story, from my book “Art of Time Collapsing!)

My brother in law, a successful investor, read this article:

Tony Robbins: The CEO Whisper

He sent me a note. “Ed, what do you think he tracks for his clients to help them maintain high performance?”

This video is my response. I hope you enjoy.

Selected Links from the Episode:
Tony Robbins book "Mastering the Game Of Money!" Here
Article by Brian O'Keefe: Tony Robbins, The CEO Whisperer Here
0:36 Money: Master the Game

Show Notes:
0:00 - 2:07 Introduction
2:07 - 11:20 Coaching Projection
11:20 - 12:53 Closing

People Mentioned:
00:15 Tony Robbins
01:24 Tim Ferris